Insulated lunch box - ORIGINALS


  • Round Lunch Box
  • Japanese flower design
  • For liquid and solid foods
  • Uncoated stainless steel
  • Healthy and sustainable
  • Capacity: 340 ml / 650 ml

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A plant-based atmosphere, a real treat! The ORIGINALS meal box is very practical and waterproof, suitable for solid and liquid meals. It is an alternative to plastic containers and disposable food packaging. It is versatile and suitable for travelling, taking to school or to the takeaway, but also for storing food at home. The lid can be used as a bowl or container. Does not alter taste or flavour.


Made of double-walled stainless steel, it keeps food hot for 4 hours and cold for 6 hours. Stainless steel is a healthy and extremely durable material. The inner wall has no coating or varnish, unlike aluminium containers. Silicone seal. BPA-free. 


To enjoy a hot meal for longer, fill your container with hot water. Let it soak up the heat for a few minutes and then drain the water before refilling it with the hot food of your choice. For optimal hot storage, make sure to fill the lunch box as full as possible.


Maintenance and use :


  • Do not put in dishwasher, microwave, oven or freezer
  • Clean before each use.
  • Clean with hot soapy water and/or baking soda. Use a non-abrasive surface. Dry upside down.
  • Store with the container open.
  • Caution: hot liquids or food can burn: use the product with care.
  • Do not exceed the filling capacity. Fill to below the screw thread.
  • To avoid splashes and leaks, close the cap/lid properly and completely to ensure that the product is leakproof. Transport in an upright position is recommended.
  • Rubbing, bumping/dropping, etc. can damage the product.


Made in China. Stainless steel (18/8), silicone seal. Packed in cardboard. 

Brand Qwetch

Zero WasteVegan - productSustainable - product Ethics - Product

Further information

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0.340 l, 0.650 l


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